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Weed for glaucoma treatment?

Glaucoma (Link to is a slowly progressive eye disease where elevated pressure in the eyes can lead to damage to the optic nerves. This type of elevated pressure can be treated with the help of medicated eye drops as well as surgery. Studies have also shown that marijuana use can also lower pressure in the eyes. Marijuana has become…

Published 1 year ago

Eyedrops instead of cheaters?

People in their mid-40’s often begin to notice that they are having a very hard time reading items that are at arm’s length. This age-related problem is called presbyopia, and it can be quite annoying! The most frequent treatment for presbyopia is the use of over-the-counter readers, which is a pair of glasses that can improve near vision. Recently, a new…

Published 1 year ago


15 Sep 2017 - Eye Practice We’ve known for some time that autologous serum – a blood product produced from your own blood by removing the red cells – can bring relief to dry eye sufferers. But this therapy is expensive and tedious and usually reserved for a last resort. Now, a new study, recently published in Nature, has shown…

Published 5 years ago

Diabetes Can Cause Blindness

Diabetes can cause diabetic retinopathy, a sight-threatening complication. Diabetic retinopathy may cause bleeding (hemorrhage), fat leakage (exudates), and swelling in the retina as depicted in the image below. Treatment is usually coordinated with a retina specialist. Depending on how severe the damage in the eye, patients may need laser treatments or injections of powerful medications into the eye to prevent…

Published 6 years ago
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