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Weed for glaucoma treatment?

Glaucoma (Link to is a slowly progressive eye disease where elevated pressure in the eyes can lead to damage to the optic nerves. This type of elevated pressure can be treated with the help of medicated eye drops as well as surgery. Studies have also shown that marijuana use can also lower pressure in the eyes. Marijuana has become legal for both recreational and legal use in the state of California.

So why doesn’t Dr. Pathak prescribe marijuana for the treatment of glaucoma? 

The pressure-lowering effect of glaucoma lasts only for a few hours while the user is intoxicated. In order to keep eye pressures under control, a user would need to use marijuana 6 to 8 times around the clock to achieve good eye pressure. This could lead to some unwanted side effects of high dose/long-term marijuana usage such as elevated heart rate, elevated blood pressure, and increased risks of lung disease. 

In addition, we have very safe and effective eye drops that are widely available for the control of eye pressure. These eye drops can keep eye pressures in a consistently low range with as little as once-a-day dosing. 
For more information about glaucoma you can visit the American Glaucoma Society (link to

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Dr. Nimesh Pathak is a board-certified ophthalmologist who has dedicated his career to vision correction procedures such as LASIK and premium cataract surgery. He has given thousands of patients visual freedom in pursuit of his goal to deliver the benefits of clear vision with a personalized experience.

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