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Affordable LASIK in Long Beach

Can I Afford to Have LASIK Surgery?

Initial Consultation
    • Corneal imaging and analysis
    • Evaluation of your ocular health
    • Personalized discussion of your options

We understand that the cost of vision correction must fit your budget. We accept all standard forms of payment including cash, check, and credit cards. In addition, we can accept funds in your Health Savings Account (HSA) since vision correction procedures are usually approved expenses. Many laser vision correction procedures may be tax deductible as medical expenses (ask your accountant!). We are also proud to offer assistance through our financing partner, Alpheon.

With our financing partner, Alpheon*, you get:

  • A wide array of monthly payment options that are customized to your financial goals
  • Special financing plans that are not always available with traditional credit cards
  • Flexibility on your down payment amount

How Much Does LASIK Cost in Long Beach?

LASIK in Long Beach costs from $2,300 and $3,300 per eye on average, depending on a number of factors. Vision correction is a wise investment with a life-changing return, given that we use our eyes to see every waking moment of every day. All of our patients at Lucent Vision must evaluate the expense when deciding to have LASIK eye surgery. In the Long Beach, CA area, While we recognize that clear vision is vital, we also recognize that you have a budget to consider.

At Lucent Vision in Long Beach California, our mission is to assist you in achieving the vision of your dreams and assist you on your journey to visual independence. In this post, we will examine the variables that influence the cost of LASIK eye surgery and answer many of the most often-asked questions about investing in corrective eye surgery. Call us right away to request an appointment if you’re sick of your glasses or contacts and want to find out if LASIK eye surgery is appropriate for you.

Why do different LASIK surgeons charge varying amounts for the same procedure?

There are several reasons why different LASIK surgeons may charge varying amounts for the same procedure. Firstly, the cost of equipment and technology used in LASIK surgery can vary significantly among different clinics or LASIK centers. Surgeons who use the latest, most advanced technology may charge more for their services than those who use older equipment.

Secondly, the experience and reputation of a LASIK surgeon can also affect their pricing. Surgeons who have more experience and a better track record of successful surgeries may charge higher fees due to the higher demand for their services.

Thirdly, location can play a role in pricing differences. LASIK surgeons in areas with a higher cost of living or in more urban areas may charge more for their services compared to those in rural or less expensive areas.

Additionally, the cost of running a LASIK surgery center, such as rent, insurance, and staffing expenses, can also impact pricing.

Lastly, marketing and advertising costs can also contribute to LASIK pricing differences. Surgeons who invest more in marketing and advertising their services may charge higher fees to cover those expenses.

It is important for patients to do their research and carefully consider the qualifications and experience of a LASIK surgeon before making a decision based solely on price. At Lucent Vision, we combine the most current technology and lasers with a highly competent and experienced surgeon to deliver safe and effective solutions with a track record of success. Your visual independence is our mission, which we take very seriously. We will not compromise the quality of care we provide to patients undergoing refractive surgery. Contact our office now to book a LASIK consultation and begin your journey to clear vision.

Does the staff's level of expertise affect the price of LASIK?

Yes, the staff’s level of expertise can affect the price of LASIK. LASIK is a surgical procedure that requires specialized knowledge and training to perform safely and effectively. The experience and skill level of the staff, including the surgeon, can have a significant impact on the quality and success of the procedure, which in turn can affect the price.

A highly experienced and skilled surgeon may charge more for their services than a less experienced one because of their reputation and track record of successful outcomes. Additionally, a clinic with well-trained and knowledgeable staff may have higher overhead costs, which could also affect the price. It is also important to find out just how much time you will get to spend with your surgeon. In many LASIK centers, you only see your surgeon for a few minutes during your procedure and not before or after. Quality of care can be impacted when a laser center tries to cut costs when it comes to its staff.

At Lucent Vision in Long Beach, California, you will meet with your surgeon before, during, and after your LASIK procedure. He will be involved in all of your post operative care and is available if you need him during your recovery. Dr. Pathak is a board-certified ophthalmologist whose career has been devoted to vision correction techniques such as LASIK.

In pursuit of his ophthalmology mission to provide the benefits of clear vision through a tailored experience, he has offered thousands of patients visual freedom. Along with his skilled team, he has established a patient-centered alternative to the impersonal assembly lines typical in larger corporate eye clinics. It’s crucial to research and compare prices and quality of services before choosing a LASIK provider.

What payment options are there for LASIK?

There are several payment options available for LASIK, depending on the LASIK provider and their policies. Here are some common payment options:

Cash or check: Many LASIK providers offer the option to pay for the procedure upfront using cash or a check.

Credit cards: LASIK providers may accept major credit cards such as Visa or Mastercard.

Financing plans: Some LASIK providers offer financing plans that allow patients to pay for the procedure over time, typically with interest. These plans may be offered through third-party lenders or directly through the LASIK provider.

Health savings accounts (HSAs) and flexible spending accounts (FSAs): LASIK is an eligible expense for HSAs and FSAs, so patients can use these tax-advantaged accounts to pay for the procedure.

It’s important to talk to your LASIK provider about their payment options and policies to find the best fit for your budget and needs.

Lucent Vision recognizes that the expense of vision correction must be affordable. We accept all common payment methods, including cash, checks, and credit cards. Also, we are able to take payments from your Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA) because LASIK procedures are approved expenses.

Many types of laser eye surgery may be tax deductible as medical expenses as well. Also, we are pleased to offer special financing plans through our financial partner, Alpheon.

How can LASIK save you money?

Although the initial cost of LASIK may appear costly, patients who undergo the treatment will save far more money over time. A patient who undergoes LASIK at age 18 may save more than $40,000 in vision-related expenses by the time he or she needs reading glasses in their forties.

Although some individuals may be deterred by the initial expense of LASIK, wearing corrective lenses such as glasses or contact lenses is frequently more expensive in the long term, and that’s before you consider the precious freedom you get from undergoing vision correction surgery.

Do health insurance policies cover LASIK surgery?

The majority of insurance providers view LASIK as an elective procedure. Insurance companies often do not cover the complete cost of LASIK or any of the other vision correction procedures we offer, despite the fact that patients receive life-changing benefits that can significantly enhance their quality of life.

Ask your insurance provider if your policy provides vision care benefits that may cover custom LASIK laser surgery, and determine if your eye surgeon is a member of the network of providers.

Is bladeless LASIK eye surgery more expensive?

The Food and Drug Administration in the United States has approved Sub-Bowman keratomileusis (SBK LASIK) or Bladeless LASIK, also known as Advanced LASIK or Wavefront LASIK. The femtosecond laser, a cutting-edge and incredibly precise laser technology, is utilized in this procedure. Laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis (bladeless LASIK) differs from conventional LASIK in that the corneal flap is created by the laser rather than a manual blade.

Although this advanced LASIK treatment is a bit more expensive, patients face fewer risks and complications than they would with a manual blade approach. This therapy procedure is highly precise, often painless, and promotes a more comfortable recovery. Due to the extraordinary speed of the femtosecond laser, the surgeon can target the corneal tissue while preserving the surrounding tissue.

Is LASIK affordable?

You can enhance every area of your life by undergoing an innovative and customized LASIK procedure. Lucent Vision offers a variety of financing alternatives, including interest-free payments and extended payment terms, to help you incorporate laser vision correction into your budget.

Discuss with your employer the availability of Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) or Health Savings Accounts, which allow tax-free savings for eligible medical expenses such as the LASIK surgery cost. There are many options to make LASIK an affordable way to improve your visual perception.

Is LASIK tax deductible?

Good news! The IRS recognizes laser vision correction surgery as a tax-deductible expense. Consult a tax professional to learn more about your specific situation, although LASIK eye surgery may qualify for a tax deduction.

Is LASIK surgery more affordable now than it used to be?

Even though LASIK remains a significant financial investment, it is now more affordable than ever. The cost of LASIK has been very consistent over the past decade, despite the rise of numerous other economic factors. It is estimated that LASIK operations are currently 20% less expensive than they were ten years ago.

Over the past decade, LASIK technology has progressed significantly, but the price has remained quite stable. This is fantastic news for anyone seeking laser vision correction for nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism.

Lucent Vision is proud to provide life-changing LASIK vision correction to Long Beach and the Orange County area. It’s time to enjoy life without the inconvenience of glasses or contact lenses. Contact our office now to learn more information about LASIK and our other vision correction options and schedule your eye exam.


How Much Do I Spend on Glasses/Contact Lenses Each Year?



$25.00 USD
$200.00 USD
$15.00 USD
$150.00 USD
$200.00 USD




*Subject to credit approval and availability. Purchase must be made using the ALPHAEON CREDIT Card Account. ALPHAEON CREDIT Card Accounts are offered by Comenity Capital Bank which determines qualifications for credit and promotion eligibility. Account must be in good standing at the time of purchase. At no time will the minimum payment due be less than $27.00. Minimum interest charge is $2.00 per credit plan. Standard variable APR of 28.99%, based on the Prime Rate. Comenity Capital Bank issues ALPHAEON CREDIT Card Accounts which can be used with participating physicians.
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