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Compassionate Eye Care

Nimesh Pathak M.D.

Sure, we are a great team, but Lucent Vision is all about you. We’ve created an office environment that looks and feels like a spa so that you can have a relaxed experience. Our surgical plans and techniques are tailored to meet your daily visual needs. Your time is valuable, and that’s why our office schedule is built to limit wait times and to allow the doctor to spend ample time with you. We offer online appointment requests for your convenience. So call or e-mail us and find out what we can do for you!

See what our patients are saying

Dr. Pathak is an outstanding ophthalmologist, he really gives amazing care in addition to being personal and knowledgeable.

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Pathak for over 4 years, Every time I see him my appreciation for his knowledge and services increase.

I highly recommend him for any eye Care related issue.

Ali S.

Had my procedure done with Doc P about 2 years ago now. The Doc’s bedside manner and followup is impeccable. Always gave me the possible side effects without any bs.

I had some issues with dryness (pretty common) post-op that he helped address multiple times through different treatments. Fantastic doctor, couldn’t recommend him more. If you’re considering going through a procedure, you should consult a few different doctors to make sure you’re confident with who’s operating on your eyes.

I’d make Dr P top on that list.

David Z.

My son had cataract surgery on both eyes and due to being a preemie when he was born, his eyes were quite a challenge, but not for Dr. Pathak. After using his state of the art equipment and his delicate touch the surgery was a wonderful success. His entire staff are wonderful. I highly recommend Dr Pathak. Thank you Dr. Pathak and staff.

Cody K.

Dr Pathak is an excellent doctor and he was accommodating to see me at a moments notice just before a holiday!! He quickly acted on and diagnosed my needs, explained my issues and got me healed in a short matter of time! His assistant, Leslie, is a jewel and they are a great team!! I was so fortunate to find this doctor in a time of despair and urgent need. The atmosphere of the office is very pleasant and clean. I am so grateful to have them in my life, they were so helpful and now I’m all better!! Highly recommend!

Donna R.

As I health professional myself, I can tell you Dr Pathak treats his patients very professionally, comfortably, thoroughly, all with a personal approach. You are not just another number at his office.

I developed a somewhat rare eye condition and Dr Pathak was able to see me on late notice and start treatment quickly. This allowed me to get back to work in no time and able to continue treating my own patients.

I can’t say it enough… THANK YOU Dr Pathak and Lucent Vision!!

Ryan P.

The whole process was quite easy-to-follow. The consultation, firstly, was free and quick. When I went in again a few months later (once committed to getting LASIK) measurements were taken again and everything still looked good. I was surprised that after the actual surgery my eyes felt fine within about 24 hours. I anticipated that they would feel scratchy or uncomfortable (per Dr.’s warning) but for me at least everything was basically fine (just a little dry eye).

Lauren Y.

Fed up with my previous ophthalmologist (where I had to wait hours for my SCHEDULED appointment), I decided to check out Lucent Vision. I could not have been more pleasantly surprised. From the friendly and efficient check-in process (the assistant was so personable) to Dr. Pathak’s caring bedside manner, I was genuinely impressed. Dr. Pathak took the time to get to know me as his patient, which I feel is so rare these days. He even showed me pictures of my corneal abrasion and answered all of my many questions. The clinic itself is very clean and nicely designed as well. Cannot recommend highly enough.

Catherine S.

Where do I even begin? I CAN SEE!!! I had my Lasik surgery with Dr. Pathik two weeks ago and I just keep looking around amazed at being able to see clearly after a lifetime of needing thick glasses or contacts! From the moment that I came in to the office for my remarkably through consultation, Dr. Pathik and his staff made me feel at ease and taken care of. I had all of my questions answered patiently and thoroughly. The day of the surgery went great. Dr. Pathik *calmly* talked my through each and every step of the procedure. He has such a fantastic bedside manner, even though he’s done hundreds ( thousands?) of these procedures, he understands that you’ve only done this one…and it’s your eyes and vision on the line. And the results are AWESOME! Thank you Dr. Pathik and staff!

Tammy I.

I love this doctor. I had a sudden loss of vision and my regular ophthalmologist had no idea why. I saw Dr. Pathak and he knew right away what the problem was and how to treat it. Because it can reoccur without warning at any time he even gave me medicine to take on my vacation to China so I could treat my eye if needed. I strongly recommend anyone with vision issues, or those considering cataract surgery to see him first.

Mary A.G.

Great service! The office is very nicely decorated. Bianca and the staff were very friendly and knowledgeable. I went in for a free Lasik consultation. Bianca did a few procedures and explained everything she was doing as she did it, which was very helpful. Dr. Pathak did a few more tests. He takes his time to explain everything in detail and answered all my questions thoroughly. Unfortunately I am not a good candidate for Lasik or any other vision correction surgery. If I were eligible, I would feel comfortable with Dr. Pathak.

Marianne B.
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