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Sure, we are a great team, but Lucent Vision is all about you. We’ve created an office environment that looks and feels like a spa so that you can have a relaxed experience. Our surgical plans and techniques are tailored to meet your daily visual needs. Your time is valuable, and that’s why our office schedule is built to limit wait times and to allow the doctor to spend ample time with you. We offer online appointment scheduling for your convenience. So call, text, or e-mail us and find out what we can do for you!

What are my options?

We offer customized vision correction solutions based on your prescription, age, and visual demands. Choose one of the links below to see your solutions.

See what our patients are saying

The moment we went into Lucent Vision my wife and I had a good feeling about the place.  The doctor and his crew are very professional and work very organized. The place is super clean and I believe that shows that they care about their work.

We went in for a LASIK consultation and we had a very good talk about what makes a person a good candidate or not. I am a good candidate but my wife was not. I believe my wife would have been sold a package at one of the other laser places who do not place patient care at the top of their list. Anyone who gets LASIK here will know they are getting top notch technology and care! The price quoted was very good for the type of services to be rendered.

Brandon S.

Amazing service by an exceptionally qualified Ophthalmologist. If you’re looking for an eye doctor stop searching. Dr. Pathak is the best around. We have seen a lot of eye doctors over the years, but we’ve found a keeper. My daughter had an eye injury and Dr Pathak’s office fit her into his schedule to see her immediately. Dr. Pathak and his entire staff were complete professionals. He is clearly an expert in his field, yet he was able to explain my daughter’s injury and diagnosis in comprehensive laymen’s terms. We will definitely be returning to Dr. Pathak’s office. If you need an eye doctor, call Dr. Pathak’s office today.

Karissa H.

Dr. Pathak is a warm, patient doctor who really cares. I called him on Sunday evening for my dad who was experiencing pain from the bandage lens because he slept on the side he wasn’t supposed to. Dr. Pathak was quick to respond to his needs. My dad was seen the next morning which was on Christmas Eve and fixed the problem immediately. Highly recommend.

Khaye M.

I had LASIK surgery 1 month ago and this was the best decision and investment I have done. Dr. Pathak was amazing and his staff. They walked and explained every step of the way. I would highly recommend!

Daisy R.

Thank you Dr. Pathak and staff. I am so happy with my vision now that I had the cataract surgery. Dr. Pathak answered all my questions and concerns about the surgery so the whole procedure was stress free. After the surgery the followup visits with the Doctor and staff showed the same care for my well being as before the surgery.

Betty C.

Loved that I got in a same-day appointment. Staff is super, very friendly and courteous. And, Dr. Pathak is thorough in his examination and explanation of services.

Jennifer V.

I had LASIK surgery 1 month ago and this was the best decision and investment I have done. Dr. Pathak was amazing and his staff. They walked and explained every step of the way. I would highly recommend!

Veronica P.

Great experience! The staff is super helpful and personable, interactions were friendly yet professional, and the environment was calm and fresh.

Jordan J.

“Highly recommended to families, friends and colleagues.” A Five Star Rating!! Awesome, very friendly and professional staff. Dr. Nimesh is very compassionate and knowledgeable. He is also thorough in his examinations and detailed explanations of what I wanted to know during my first visit. I am very please with my result. May God bless you and your staff for what you do.

Savili F.

This is a great place to get Lasik! Dr. Pathak was very professional and answered all of my questions about the procedure. I highly recommend this place for anyone considering Lasik.

Nirav P.
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