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Lucent Vision is Green Business Certified

We love our #longbeach Zaferia community and the environment which is why we chose to become a GREEN CERTIFIED business. Not only do we care about our patients and treating them with the utmost compassion but we also believe in taking care of our future generations by preserving our Environment.

Dr. Nimesh Pathak is a board certified, fellowship trained ophthalmologist. For more information about our office check out our website at or for a FREE LASIK consultation/appointments call 562.431.2748.

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Tania, Dr. P and Bianca excited about our certificate

Why We’re Green

Most doctors offices use and waste a lot of paper. When starting our business it was always our goal to waste as little as possible without losing efficiency. Our number our goal will always be exceptional patient care but if we can strive to be more than why not try. Dr. Pathak has two little girls and they show up how important it is for our generation to take care of our Earth.


From the beginning we always wanted to change the way that people perceived medical offices. We started with finding ways to be as efficient as possible without compromising on the level of service and care we wanted to provide. When building out the office we used materials that were sustainable and long lasting. We consciously made sure to use products that didn’t have VOCs etc. Our office prides it self and bringing compassion and kindness back to medicine all the while helping our environment.

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Dr. Nimesh Pathak is a board-certified ophthalmologist who has dedicated his career to vision correction procedures such as LASIK and premium cataract surgery. He has given thousands of patients visual freedom in pursuit of his goal to deliver the benefits of clear vision with a personalized experience.

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