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Excessive Smartphone Use In Teens

Excessive smartphone use in teens may contribute to myopia (near-sightedness)

Both teens and adults seem to be spending more time on their smartphones. An article published in the December 2021 Ophthalmology journal studied teens from six Dutch high schools by seeing if there was any link between teens with increased smartphone usage and myopia, or near-sightedness. There were some very interesting findings in the study: 

  1. These teens spent nearly four hours a day on their smartphones! 
  2. Teens who had more 20-minute or more continuous sessions of smartphone use had a higher risk of developing myopia. 
  3. Teens who participated in more outdoor activities had a lower risk of developing myopia than teens who spent less time doing outdoor activities. 

Outdoor activities and breaks from continuous smartphone usage may be important factors to protect teenagers’ eyes. 

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Dr. Nimesh Pathak is a board-certified ophthalmologist who has dedicated his career to vision correction procedures such as LASIK and premium cataract surgery. He has given thousands of patients visual freedom in pursuit of his goal to deliver the benefits of clear vision with a personalized experience.

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