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A pterygium is a type of non-cancerous growth on the skin of the eye. It is usually a result of chronic exposure to sunlight (ultraviolet radiation).


Pterygium is often associated with redness, itching, tearing, and irritation of the eyes. In addition, a pterygium can also cause blurry vision by creating astigmatism.


Some of the symptoms associated with pterygium can be treated with medicated eye drops. Also, using UV protection such as sunglasses may prevent the further growth of the pterygium. Sometimes the growth may cause chronic symptoms and blurry vision. In this case, outpatient surgery may be the only effective treatment.

Pterygium Surgery

Dr. Pathak has extensive experience with the latest techniques in pterygium surgery. The procedure is performed at an outpatient surgery center. After removal of the pterygium, an amniotic membrane graft (donor tissue) is used to fill the empty space and promote healing. This technique will allow the eye to regain its natural appearance.

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