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Keratoconus is an abnormality of the dome-shaped cornea in the front of the eye. The cornea acts as a clear window that allows light rays to be focused into the eye. In keratoconus the cornea becomes progressively thinner over time causing a cone-like bulge to develop. This abnormality of the cornea may result in significant vision loss.


Course of treatment will be determined by level of vision loss and severity of the corneal thinning. Initially most patients are able to achieve functional vision with the help of a special type of contact lens called an “rigid gas permeable” lens. As the keratoconus becomes progressively worse, surgery may be the only way to rehabilitate the vision.

Surgical options include Intacs implantation into the cornea. These are microscopic ring segments that can be implanted into the cornea to flatten its cone-like shape.

In some patients, the only available form of treatment is a corneal transplantation. This procedure involves removal of the existing cornea and replacement with a donor cornea.

Dr. Pathak is a fellowship-trained cornea specialist. He has extensive experience with surgical treatments for keratoconus.

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