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In today’s world of television, computers, tablets, and smart phones, Americans are spending more and more time staring at screens throughout their day. One of the most frustrating consequences of this behavioral change is dry eye syndrome. Sufferers of this disease often complain about redness, tearing, pain, irritation, and blurry vision. A healthy tear film is important for clear vision and comfortable eyes.

Dry eye is a chronic disease that can have numerous causes including aging, oral medications, hormonal changes, systemic diseases (such as rheumatoid arthritis), allergies, and eyelid dysfunction. A thorough examination of your eyes is necessary to provide a customized treatment plan. Treatment regimens may include oral medications, topical drops such as Restasis, tear duct occlusion, and better eyelid hygiene.

Dr. Pathak has extensive experience with dry eye treatment. During his fellowship year he worked in a clinic dedicated to dry eye patients at the prestigious New York Eye and Ear Infirmary. Not only did he manage complex dry eye patients, but he also participated in clinical trials to discover new treatments for this terrible disease. As a fellowship trained specialist, Dr. Pathak often sees dry eye patients that have been referred by other eye doctors.

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