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Weed for glaucoma treatment?

Glaucoma (Link to is a slowly progressive eye disease where elevated pressure in the eyes can lead to damage to the optic nerves. This type of elevated pressure can be treated with the help of medicated eye drops as well as surgery. Studies have also shown that marijuana use can also lower pressure in the eyes. Marijuana has become…

Published 11 months ago

Eyedrops instead of cheaters?

People in their mid-40’s often begin to notice that they are having a very hard time reading items that are at arm’s length. This age-related problem is called presbyopia, and it can be quite annoying! The most frequent treatment for presbyopia is the use of over-the-counter readers, which is a pair of glasses that can improve near vision. Recently, a new…

Published 11 months ago

Contoura LASIK arrives at Lucent Vision

For years we have used the state-of-the-art Allegretto WaveLight laser platform for our LASIK and PRK procedures at Lucent Vision. This laser platform uses cutting edge technology with “wavefront optimization” to maximize visual outcomes.  We now have the capability of performing even more customized laser treatments with the arrival of the upgraded Contoura LASIK technology. With this new feature we…

Published 12 months ago

A Different Vaccine

COVID-19 is not the only virus that can cause problems with your health. The varicella zoster virus (also known as the chickenpox virus) can be a painful and difficult viral infection to deal with, especially in people over the age of 50. An attack of this virus is commonly known as “shingles.” If shingles affects the eye, it can cause…

Published 1 year ago

Excessive Smartphone Use In Teens

Excessive smartphone use in teens may contribute to myopia (near-sightedness) Both teens and adults seem to be spending more time on their smartphones. An article published in the December 2021 Ophthalmology journal studied teens from six Dutch high schools by seeing if there was any link between teens with increased smartphone usage and myopia, or near-sightedness. There were some very…

Published 1 year ago

Lucent Vision – On The Forefront of Technology for LASIK

We just upgraded our corneal imaging capabilities by acquiring the Galilei G4 ColorZ. This device uses rotating cameras to get accurate images of the front and back of your cornea. Having this new technology will keep us on the forefront of LASIK surgical planning so that we can continue to deliver excellent outcomes!

Published 1 year ago

Are you sick of dry eyes?

New Dry Eye Treatment is a Tear-Jerker Are dry eyes taking over you life? Our office now offers this new treatment. Call 562.431.2748 or click above to make an appointment. Written By: Susanne Medeiros Jul. 21, 2017 For years, patients suffering from dry eye have had few options. Most simply purchased artificial tears and hoped they got better. But scientists are coming…

Published 4 years ago

Donna Strickland wins Noble Prize for laser technology

#donnastrickland is the first woman in 55 years to win a Noble prize. Mrs. Strickland was part of a team that perfected concentrating light energy that could be used to manipulate small objects. One of the applications of this technology is LASER eye correction. Thank you from this #ophthalmologist. #lasik #prk #cataractsurgery#compassionateeyecare #lucentvision Can you believe #Wikipedia rejected her?…/…/nobel-prize-physics-donna-strickland Nobel Prize in Physics On 2 October…

Published 4 years ago
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