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What is the Surgery Like?

What is the surgery like?

Undergoing eye surgery can be a scary thought for many people. Our experienced staff will make the experience as quick and comfortable as possible. Knowing how the procedure day is planned may alleviate your anxiety.

  1. Upon your arrival you will be given an oral medication to calm your nerves.
  2. You will be brought into the surgical suite where you will be able to lay down in a very comfortable reclining chair.
  3. Numbing eye drops are instilled into your eyes.
  4. You will have a blinking light to focus on during your procedure. We will use a gentle technique to keep your eyes open.
  5. The procedure is performed one eye at a time.
  6. You will feel a brief pressure sensation, and your vision will fluctuate.
  7. The procedure typically lasts for less than 5 minutes per eye.

Immediately after the procedure is done, most patients have mild symptoms including tearing and slightly hazy vision. These mild symptoms are typically resolved by the time you return for your first office visit on the day after your procedure.

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