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The moment we went into Lucent Vision my wife and I had a good feeling about the place.  The doctor and his crew are very professional and work very organized. The place is super clean and I believe that shows that they care about their work.

We went in for a LASIK consultation and we had a very good talk about what makes a person a good candidate or not. I am a good candidate but my wife was not. I believe my wife would have been sold a package at one of the other laser places who do not place patient care at the top of their list. Anyone who gets LASIK here will know they are getting top notch technology and care! The price quoted was very good for the type of services to be rendered.

I had a friend visiting from China who wanted Lasik. I contacted about 5 different laser centers and chose Lucent Vision because Dr. Pathak responded personally to my inquiries, both quickly and thoroughly explaining the process. It looked as if she would be a candidate for Lasik, but when we arrived for her appointment and Dr. Pathak did the final check, he said that she was on the border and that although Lasik would probably be okay, he felt PRK was a safer option. He was very patient in explaining the pros/cons, and gave her the option to come back a different day after thinking about it. Since she was here only for a limited time, he did everything he could to accommodate her schedule, even offering to stay late one evening. Dr. Pathak and his staff made the experience a great one and I have recommended Lucent to others.

Dr. Pathak recently performed my LASIK and the results have been phenomenal. My vision is now 20/15!

I can’t say enough great things about Dr. Pathak and his staff. They answered all my questions (and I had a lot) in a truthful, friendly and reassuring manner no matter how insignificant the question.

Not only was Dr. Pathak great to work with and gave me perfect vision the price of the surgery was very reasonable. I did a lot of research before choosing a doctor and found out that Dr. Pathak uses the best of the best surgical machine while maintaining a low price point. I had other doctors quote nearly double what Lucent Vision charged.

If you are considering LASIK I highly recommend stopping in to see Dr. Pathak at Lucent Vision. Even if you decide to go elsewhere the consultation is free!

Dr. Pathak is great! He is very intelligent, will give you clear profound answers to all your questions. I am very happy I went to his office because this is a doctor who sincerely cares about his patients and will give a reliable professional opinion with excellent service.

What a great experience. From when you walk in and are greeted by the warm reception from Bianca, all the way through the last follow ups when Dr Pathak sends you riding off in the distance, everyone is so thoughtful and and kind. All of my questions and concerns were addressed, and the surgery itself and recovery went swimmingly. Amazing experience all around; if only all doctor’s offices had the same level of compassion and care!

I had LASIK surgery 1 month ago and this was the best decision and investment I have done. Dr. Pathak was amazing and his staff. They walked and explained every step of the way. I would highly recommend!

I had LASIK surgery 1 month ago and this was the best decision and investment I have done. Dr. Pathak was amazing and his staff. They walked and explained every step of the way. I would highly recommend!

I needed to find an ophthalmologist for vision issues i was having. Most of the doctors I called couldn’t book me the same day but lucent vision set up an appointment for that afternoon. Staff was Polite and courteous and answered all my questions in a way that was easily understood. Will definitely use them again for all of my vision needs.

If anyone is afraid of the idea of Lasik or lasers, I wouldn’t be if Dr. Pathak is your ophthalmologist. The procedure is painless and quick. In fact, putting the eye drops in took longer than lasers did, “LASIK-ing” my eyes.

The entire staff (we love you, Bianka) are super sweet and help answer every single question my mom and I had! If you choose to have your ophthalmologist by Dr. Pathak than just know you are in the best and the most capable hands.

Thank you for the 2020 vision!

“Highly recommended to families, friends and colleagues.” A Five Star Rating!! Awesome, very friendly and professional staff. Dr. Nimesh is very compassionate and knowledgeable. He is also thorough in his examinations and detailed explanations of what I wanted to know during my first visit. I am very please with my result. May God bless you and your staff for what you do.

Great office! The staff and Dr Pathak are very professional and friendly. I appreciate Dr Pathaks thorough evaluation and friendly, informative discussion concerning my options. At the moment, a great pair of glasses were the right answer for me but had I been a better candidate for surgery, I would have felt completely confident with Dr Pathak.

Great experience! The staff is super helpful and personable, interactions were friendly yet professional, and the environment was calm and fresh.

Thank you Dr. Pathak and staff. I am so happy with my vision now that I had the cataract surgery. Dr. Pathak answered all my questions and concerns about the surgery so the whole procedure was stress free. After the surgery the followup visits with the Doctor and staff showed the same care for my well being as before the surgery.

This is a great place to get Lasik! Dr. Pathak was very professional and answered all of my questions about the procedure. I highly recommend this place for anyone considering Lasik.

The whole process was quite easy-to-follow. The consultation, firstly, was free and quick. When I went in again a few months later (once committed to getting LASIK) measurements were taken again and everything still looked good. I was surprised that after the actual surgery my eyes felt fine within about 24 hours. I anticipated that they would feel scratchy or uncomfortable (per Dr.’s warning) but for me at least everything was basically fine (just a little dry eye).

Dr. Nimesh Pathak and his staff are AWESOME!! I highly recommend them!!

Very friendly attentive staff, really enjoyed the experience

Great service! The office is very nicely decorated. Bianca and the staff were very friendly and knowledgeable. I went in for a free Lasik consultation. Bianca did a few procedures and explained everything she was doing as she did it, which was very helpful. Dr. Pathak did a few more tests. He takes his time to explain everything in detail and answered all my questions thoroughly. Unfortunately I am not a good candidate for Lasik or any other vision correction surgery. If I were eligible, I would feel comfortable with Dr. Pathak.

I had a great experience at Lucent Vision. I had LASIK eye surgery to correct my vision. I was really nervous about it, but Dr. Pathak is very patient and kind, and really takes his time explaining everything. The surgery went really smoothly and the next morning at my check up appointment I already had 20/15 vision. Dr. Pathak talked me through the entire surgery. I had looked into LASIK at a couple other offices too but ultimately chose Lucent Vision because the staff and doctor were so caring and friendly. It was the best decision I could have made! If you are considering LASIK, do it! Thank you Dr. Pathak and staff!

Had lasik, did a lot of test to make sure Lasik would be successful on me, the doctor took time to explain in detail the procedure, the risks and answered my questions. The operation took place 1 month after my first consultation and lasted close to 2 minutes on a friday morning. I could see perfectly the day after. Absolutely no pb, I have a couple follow up appointments and my vision is really good. No dryness issue, doesnt itch, pushing my husband to get his eyes fixed at the same place :) the doctor and the office manager were very nice and reassuring. recommending this place to friends and colleagues.

This place is amazing! Amazing staff! Amazing Dr! amazing service! I would recommend anyone considering Lasik to schedule and appointment here in Lucent Vison. Dr. Pathak does an incredible job, He always answers your questions, and makes you feel comfortable every time.

After years of debating, I finally decided to get LASIK and found Lucent Vision. Based on their reviews, I gave them a try and am so glad I did. The staff is one of the friendliest, courteous and polite group of people I’ve ever encountered at a doctors office. Dr. Pathak is excellent. He explains the procedure in a thorough manner, answers all your questions and doesn’t leave you with any doubt. His work is amazing and left me thrilled with my results.

Dr. Pathak is an outstanding ophthalmologist, he really gives amazing care in addition to being personal and knowledgeable.

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Pathak for over 4 years, Every time I see him my appreciation for his knowledge and services increase.

I highly recommend him for any eye Care related issue.

Amazing service by an exceptionally qualified Ophthalmologist. If you’re looking for an eye doctor stop searching. Dr. Pathak is the best around. We have seen a lot of eye doctors over the years, but we’ve found a keeper. My daughter had an eye injury and Dr Pathak’s office fit her into his schedule to see her immediately. Dr. Pathak and his entire staff were complete professionals. He is clearly an expert in his field, yet he was able to explain my daughter’s injury and diagnosis in comprehensive laymen’s terms. We will definitely be returning to Dr. Pathak’s office. If you need an eye doctor, call Dr. Pathak’s office today.

Loved that I got in a same-day appointment. Staff is super, very friendly and courteous. And, Dr. Pathak is thorough in his examination and explanation of services.

Dr. Pathak is extremely knowledgeable, professional and thorough in the pre-, during, and post LASIK process. Highly recommend him!

Their tag line is really true. This is a compassionate team. Very positive experience.

Thanks to my GPS, I found the office. It’s a bit hidden off PCH, but a gem when found. Reception area was just as comfortable as the examination room. Dr Pathak explained in detail each step of the exam. When it was determined that I need cataract surgery, Dr Pathak was very informative explaining my options. Looking forward to my new eyes.

From the first day my mother and I met Dr. Pathak, we felt very comfortable. Dr. Pathak is very personable, professional, and caring. His genuineness is immediately evident. We trust him and highly recommend him.

I love this doctor. I had a sudden loss of vision and my regular ophthalmologist had no idea why. I saw Dr. Pathak and he knew right away what the problem was and how to treat it. Because it can reoccur without warning at any time he even gave me medicine to take on my vacation to China so I could treat my eye if needed. I strongly recommend anyone with vision issues, or those considering cataract surgery to see him first.

Had my procedure done with Doc P about 2 years ago now. The Doc’s bedside manner and followup is impeccable. Always gave me the possible side effects without any bs.

I had some issues with dryness (pretty common) post-op that he helped address multiple times through different treatments. Fantastic doctor, couldn’t recommend him more. If you’re considering going through a procedure, you should consult a few different doctors to make sure you’re confident with who’s operating on your eyes.

I’d make Dr P top on that list.

I want to take the time to thank Dr Pathak and his entire team at Lucent Vision! I had a really bad astigmatism causing my vision to be extremely blurry. Dr Pathak took to the time to explain my condition and treatment options. I was nervous about the surgery but he took all of my concerns seriously and talked me through them.

My Lasik surgery went very smoothly, I was in and out of there within an hour and there were no surprises because Dr Pathak had me prepare for everything with all the necessary meds (eyedrops etc). The fees are very competitive and the facility is extremely clean and modern.

I am only a couple days out of surgery and my vision is already almost perfect. If you are tired of wearing glasses/contacts. Go see Dr Pathak!!

Dr. Pathak is a ROCK STAR!! What else can I say… If you want a excellent and detailed Dr., you MUST call and make an appointment. You will not be disappointed!

Where do I even begin? I CAN SEE!!! I had my Lasik surgery with Dr. Pathik two weeks ago and I just keep looking around amazed at being able to see clearly after a lifetime of needing thick glasses or contacts! From the moment that I came in to the office for my remarkably through consultation, Dr. Pathik and his staff made me feel at ease and taken care of. I had all of my questions answered patiently and thoroughly. The day of the surgery went great. Dr. Pathik *calmly* talked my through each and every step of the procedure. He has such a fantastic bedside manner, even though he’s done hundreds ( thousands?) of these procedures, he understands that you’ve only done this one…and it’s your eyes and vision on the line. And the results are AWESOME! Thank you Dr. Pathik and staff!

I don’t know where to even start on how amazing the staff is. The staff is nothing but nice and helpful. If you’re back and forth debating on where to get your lasik, let me tell you, not a lot of places offer the one on one personal level comfort that Lucent vision offers. This office stands out from the rest because they’re not focused on volume so the staff takes their time making sure you’re comfortable before and after surgery. Dr. Pathak is amazing. He thoroughly goes over the lasik procedure and any questions that you have. I always go in with a ton of questions and he doesn’t hesitate to answer them all and in depth! It makes me really happy and gives me a sense of security that my eyes are in very good hands. I would recommend Lucent Vision to anyone having doubts on doing lasik/ trying to figure out where to go especially since it’s a big deal.

Dr. Pathak is a warm, patient doctor who really cares. I called him on Sunday evening for my dad who was experiencing pain from the bandage lens because he slept on the side he wasn’t supposed to. Dr. Pathak was quick to respond to his needs. My dad was seen the next morning which was on Christmas Eve and fixed the problem immediately. Highly recommend.

Everyone who works at Lucent Vision is so nice and knowledgeable. I can’t recommend them highly enough. Both Bianca and the Doctor himself explain things in a way that makes them easy to grasp. Bianca, in particular, has a great sense of humor. The whole atmosphere of the place is professional but also fun. And the doctor really knows his stuff. He really cares about his patience and their health.

My whole experience at Lucent vision has been excellent. From the staff to Dr. Pathak everyone has been so supportive and professional. I had a P.R.K treatment with awesome results.Honestly one of the best decisions I’ve ever done :)

Dr. P is incredible, and his staff is super kind. They were on time, quick, thorough, and gave me the answers I needed. They also referred me to a great optometrist who I love!

Dr. Pathak and his staff are very nice. It was a pleasant visit. I was seen on the same day and right on time. I will definitely be a repeat patient at Lucent Vision.

Awesome experience!! Friendly doctor and staff. They put me at ease despite my fears I had going in to get checked for the blurry vision I began having in one eye. Thank you so much doctor and Bianca for all your help.

There are not enough words in the English language to describe how great this place is!

Dr. Pathak’s exam was very thorough. He listened very carefully to my symptoms, then checked everything to make sure he covered all the bases. He answered all of my questions, and I when I left, I was totally reassured that everything was fine and I didn’t need any further treatment. I won’t go anywhere else for any eye issues I have in the future, I will always come back here.

The procedure was quick and easy, and it was exactly like Dr. Pathak had described, so I felt at ease the entire time. His bedside manner/demeanor is comforting because you can trust that he is an expert and knows exactly what he’s doing.

After the procedure, Dr. Pathak went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that I was on track with my recovery, going so far as to give me a call after hours to ensure that I wasn’t having any bad reactions. He honestly cares about his patients and it really shows.

If you’re in the market for a LASIK procedure, I can’t recommend Dr. Pathak and his staff at Lucent Vision highly enough. You can trust him to take good care of you and your vision needs.

Dr. Pathak is excellent. He helped my husband through a very painful eye emergency. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a caring, skilled doctor.

Dr. Pathak is a professional, compassionate and skilled physician. He went out of his way to help me through a personal eye emergency. I feel very fortunate to have found such an excellent ophthalmologist and I’d highly recommend him to others.

Dr. Pathak was incredible and spent a lot of time with me and talking about my eye health. He was very thorough and was highly recommended by my internist. He even answers his own phone some of the time! Highly recommend Dr. Pathak!

Overall, my experience was top notch. Dr. Pathak is friendly and clearly cares about giving 110% attention to his patients. The office staff was just as friendly too. You know you’re in good hands as soon as you walk in. I always look for newer facilities and this is definitely the opposite of an old school doctor’s office– it’s a modern, beautiful office.

We visited Lucent Vision, Dr. Pathak this past week and had a wonderful experience. The staff is friendly. The space is comfortable and spacious. And Dr. Pathak is the best. Everyone is very knowledgeable and helpful. I highly recommend

I just had my eyes corrected for distance by Dr. Pathak, and I can honestly say the greatest investment that I have ever made. The treatment was quick and relatively pain free. I would highly recommend talking to the folks at Lucent if you are considering the LASIK procedure.

Couldn’t be happier! Dr Pathak was so great and easy to communicate with. I got PRK…well worth it. I basically have X-ray vision now. I highly recommend him and his office.

Dr. Pathak recently performed my LASIK and the results have been phenomenal. My vision is now 20/15! I can’t say enough great things about Dr. Pathak and his staff. They answered all my questions (and I had a lot) in a truthful, friendly and reassuring manner no matter how insignificant the question. Not only was Dr. Pathak great to work with and gave me perfect vision the price of the surgery was very reasonable.

I generally don’t write reviews but I feel compelled to share and write about my wonderful experience with Dr Pathak and his staff at Lucent Vision. He was the only doctor who heard me out, checked my eyes out thoroughly, and patiently explained the possible condition, treatment, and alternatives available to me. He seemed very knowledgeable and skilled when he did a procedure on me. He has great communication, is down to earth and has no airs about him. I would say he is one of the best doctors I have ever interacted with. The staff are equally responsive and professional – there are no surprises as they give you an idea of the estimated costs ahead of time. All in all, simply superb!

Dr. Pathak is a gift!

A skilled, caring professional and a special human being – a mensch!
We feel blessed to have found him.

Excellent and caring doctor. Takes his time to carefully examine you and does not recommend unnecessary treatment. Very cordial and polite manner. Superb with older patients. Strongly recommended.

I followed Dr. Pathak to his new practice as in my experience, he is not only highly qualified and knowledgeable in his field, he takes the time for any needed explanations and is patient in answering all questions. Appointments are also easy to schedule.

As I health professional myself, I can tell you Dr Pathak treats his patients very professionally, comfortably, thoroughly, all with a personal approach. You are not just another number at his office.

I developed a somewhat rare eye condition and Dr Pathak was able to see me on late notice and start treatment quickly. This allowed me to get back to work in no time and able to continue treating my own patients.

I can’t say it enough… THANK YOU Dr Pathak and Lucent Vision!!

My son had cataract surgery on both eyes and due to being a preemie when he was born, his eyes were quite a challenge, but not for Dr. Pathak. After using his state of the art equipment and his delicate touch the surgery was a wonderful success. His entire staff are wonderful. I highly recommend Dr Pathak. Thank you Dr. Pathak and staff.

Dr Pathak is an excellent doctor and he was accommodating to see me at a moments notice just before a holiday!! He quickly acted on and diagnosed my needs, explained my issues and got me healed in a short matter of time! His assistant, Leslie, is a jewel and they are a great team!! I was so fortunate to find this doctor in a time of despair and urgent need. The atmosphere of the office is very pleasant and clean. I am so grateful to have them in my life, they were so helpful and now I’m all better!! Highly recommend!

Fed up with my previous ophthalmologist (where I had to wait hours for my SCHEDULED appointment), I decided to check out Lucent Vision. I could not have been more pleasantly surprised. From the friendly and efficient check-in process (the assistant was so personable) to Dr. Pathak’s caring bedside manner, I was genuinely impressed. Dr. Pathak took the time to get to know me as his patient, which I feel is so rare these days. He even showed me pictures of my corneal abrasion and answered all of my many questions. The clinic itself is very clean and nicely designed as well. Cannot recommend highly enough.

I’ve been Dr. Pathak’s patient for a few years and recently got Lasik surgery by him and I’ve had nothing but excellent service from him and his team. He is very thorough in his explanations of what to expect in each exam he recommends and very honest about risks and benefits regarding surgery. He and Leslie are also very personable and are those people you look forward to seeing during visits. I’ve been happy with my care and highly recommend this office to others.

My daughter was referred to Dr. Pathak by a ophthalmologist in Los Al for a consultation. The office was very nice an very professional in its decor. Dr. Pathak is a wonderful ophthalmologist. He took plenty of time to evaluate my daughters symptoms and made sure that all my questions were answered. He also made sure we understood and were comfortable with his treatment strategy. He was cordial, knowledgeable and very professional.

“After years of hating needing glasses to read, I found the perfect solution. I couldn’t be happier with my experience from the initial consultation where every question was answered, to the Lasik procedure that was easy and quick. My only regret is not finding Lucent Vision sooner. Thank you Dr. Pathak and the team at Lucent Vision!”

Couldn’t recommend Lucent Vision more! Dr. Pathak and his team are incredibly thorough, communicative, and friendly. The Lasik procedure itself was quick, painless, and the results are incredible! Dr. Pathak went over every detail and made the whole process comfortable and easy. If you’re on the fence, this is your sign to schedule a consultation with Dr. Pathak – you won’t regret it! :)

“Had a great experience with lasik surgery via lucent vision. Dr. Pathak and his staff were great to work with and answered all of my questions. From the first consultation, he struck me as incredibly knowledgeable, and I’m glad I trusted them with my eyes! It’s great being able to see.”

“From start to finish they were Professional beyond 5 Stars. 35 mins in and out day of. I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM TO ANYONE !!!”

“Very knowledgeable and easy to work with. Dr. Pathak handled my LASIK with ease and was constantly explaining even as he performed the procedure which makes it a very reassuring experience. The staff are very friendly and go above and beyond to make you feel at ease. Highly recommend!!!”

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