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A multifocal lens implant is designed for patients who are interested in reducing their dependence on glasses for distance and near tasks after cataract surgery. During standard cataract surgery a basic lens implant is used to allow for clear vision at only one distance. Patients who receive this basic lens implant often need glasses to supplement their vision at other distances. On the other hand, with a multifocal lens implant patients are typically able to see in the distance and read up close without glasses most of the time. You will find a simulation below to illustrate these differences between the basic lens implant and a multifocal implant.

A basic lens implant was used during cataract surgery. Note that traffic signs at a distance appear sharp, but anything closer than that appears blurry
A multifocal lens implant was used during cataract surgery. Note that objects in all ranges of vision appear sharp

Will the multifocal lens eliminate my need for glasses?

There is no guarantee that you will be free of your glasses. The multifocal lens provides most patients with more freedom to perform their daily activities without glasses. Nonetheless, every patient has a different visual system, and results may vary.

Is there a downside to the multifocal lens?

Some patients take up to 6 months to get used to the way the multifocal lens changes their vision. In addition, a small minority of patients may experience symptoms such as halos around lights in dimly lit conditions.

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