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Can cataracts return after surgery?

Cataracts do not return after they are removed surgically. Nonetheless, a small percentage of patients may develop blurry vision due to a scar tissue that develops on the lens implant. This scar tissue can be safely and effectively removed with a quick outpatient laser procedure.

Will my cataract surgery hurt?

Your cataract surgery will be performed with the assistance of an anesthesiologist. During your procedure you will have numbing medication provided directly into your blood vessels and onto the surface of your eye to ensure that you are comfortable. Most patients report experiencing a mild pressure sensation and discomfort during their surgery.

How long will it take my eye to heal?

Most patients notice an improvement in their vision within the first day after their surgery. Each individual is different and healing times may vary.

Will I undergo surgery in both eyes on the same day?

Cataract surgery is usually performed in one eye at a time. The timeframe in between both eye surgeries may vary from 2 to 6 weeks.

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